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1. The X/Y/Z triaxial of the parts and products processing center adopts high precision linear slide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machinery when running at high speed;

2. The machine body, spindle and other key parts of the machining center are all made of plate-positive milhanna die-cast cast iron. After 3D dynamic finite element analysis, it has good stability and high strength, ensuring stable and reliable precision of high-speed cutting.

3, three axis transmission of ball screw adopt Taiwan C3 level ball screw nut pair, large contact area can bear larger load, bearing capacity is strong, the ball screw motor end and the end bearing adopts imported P4 level combination of dedicated high-speed bearing, three axis ball screw all the pre-tension, stable performance, improve the efficiency of axial power transmission;

4. Ultra-wide base, extended saddle and solid structure to ensure the heavy load capacity during processing.The design of the "man" type column has a strong structure, which can effectively maintain the stability and load-bearing capacity in the high-speed displacement.

5, processing center V6 using direct coupling spindle, servo motor driven by mitsubishi fanuc or rigid coupling attached directly to the main shaft at the rear, can effectively avoid the belt connected with the lateral stress and noise, as well as the belt transmission gear wear and tear caused by rigid tapping accuracy deviation, the speed of up to 15000 RPM, is suitable for light cutting and suitable for medium and heavy cutting, so as to effectively guarantee the machining precision and efficiency of working spindle, can effectively eliminate the thermal stress.

6. The three-axis linear guide with C3 ball bearings can support heavy loads, move quickly and ensure accurate positioning;

7. Support mechanism is added to the axial ball screw of the three shafts to improve the axial power transmission efficiency.

8. The machine body of the processing center and the spindle box are stable and maintain the quality permanently.The casting is computed and analyzed by finite element analysis method, the reasonable structure strength and the combination of reinforcing bars provide high mechanical rigidity.Casting structure adopts integral molding technology, box structure and processing adopts large five-sided processing machine, which is completed by one-time clamping. The machine tool has high rigidity, high strength, high geometry position precision, and can guarantee long-term stability and high precision of the machine tool.

9. Adopt the design of the main shaft without heat source to reduce the thermal displacement. The high-speed operation of the main shaft can be combined with the oil temperature control system of the main shaft, which can effectively make the main shaft reach the constant temperature effect, effectively control the thermal displacement of the main shaft, and ensure the high-speed and high-precision of the main shaft.

10. The cutting fluid has a large capacity and can discharge the cutting heat rapidly.The design of the water tank adopts the double-box type, and it is placed inside the machine to save space.

1.Control system characteristics

· M80 products are high-end models with Windows display

· separate controller and monitor

· strong expansibility display, equipped with the latest PC/OS

· four expansion slots are standard, which can be extended through the TAB

· suitable for high-speed and high-precision machining, multi-axis and multi-system control

· high-end all-in-one controller and display models

· adopt multi-core CPU

· PC/OS free display

Standard models with high productivity and ease of use

· integrated controller and display

· easy to select function package (TypeA/TypeB)

· PC/OS free display

2. Smartphone-type touch screen operation

Same as smartphones and tablets

Capacitive touch screen for direct and comfortable operation!

A program, for example, can simply show what you want to see by moving your fingers quickly.

For example, the menu key on the next page can be displayed by sliding operation, and can be selected directly without tedious keyboard operation.

In 3D graphics check, the 3D model displayed can be displayed to the required position in the required size.

Iii. Performance is greatly improved!Up Up Up!

To strengthen the function of lathe

The function of milling and multi - axis multi - system control is greatly enhanced.In addition, the control of the site is improved, so that more complex processing can be carried out easily and efficiently.

Upgrade machining center function

The SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control is further upgraded with high speed, precision and quality.In addition, it is equipped with the function of giving full play to the characteristics of each shaft and shortening the non-cutting time, thus improving the productivity.

03 superior customization features

You can customize the multifunctional image more easily in less time.Extend the excellent hardware and upgrade the graphics software to help increase the additional value of the machine.

4 supports overall factory visualization

In response to the automation requirements, it can connect with various on-site network, easily realize the monitoring, tracking and management of the factory, and easily realize the automation of production line while restraining the cost.

Technical parameters




Spindle speed (RPM)


The spindle motor (KW)


Spindle end hole Angle


Drive way

Straight junction

Axis linkage

Three axis and linkage

The X axis stroke (mm)


Y axis stroke (mm)


The Z axis stroke (mm)


The spindle nose to the workbench distance (mm)


Table size L * H (mm)

600 * 400

T slot size - the width of slot number * * spacing

3-14 * 100

The workbench maximum load average (kg)


Speed rapid van (X/Y/Z) (m/min)


Speed cutting van (mm/min)


Positioning accuracy (mm)

+ / - 0.008

Repeat positioning accuracy (mm)

+ / - 0.005

Numerical control system

Mitsubishi M70B

Three axis servo motor


Spindle servo motor


Number of knife library (knife)


Cutting tool maximum weight (kg /)


Phi cutter size (mm)

Phi 80 mm

Cutting tool automatic switching mode

With the lift

Choose knife way

Random memory

Automatic chip removal

Strong impact type chip

Size L * W * H (mm)

1860 * 2450 * 2400

Weight (kg)